Kabsa also known as Majboos is one of the famous and traditional rice dish in the Arabian peninsula. Kabsa often called the national dish of Saudi Arabia. Just like most Middle Eastern dishes every family makes their own variation. It can be prepared either with chicken or mutton.

This dish is extremely delicious as the rice and chicken are cooked in a pleasant and distinctive smell broth scented with Arabic spices and a final touch of charcoal smoke.

It is easy to find thousands of Kabsa recipes on youtube but little hard to find the best one. Find out the best 5 Kabsa recipe videos available on Youtube.

1. Best Chicken Kabsa Recipe | Chicken Majboos Recipe by Nilu’s Cooking.

YouTube Channel : Nilu’s Cooking

2. Best Saudi Traditional Kabsa Recipe by Saudi Food Eman

YouTube Channel : Saudi Food Eman

3. Arabic Dish Chicken Majboos by AussiePak FoodHub

YoTube Channel: AussiePak FoodHub

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